From PopEater: VH1 Gets Out Of The Trashy TV Business

In an unexpected move, VH1 is scrapping the majority of its lineup and starting from scratch. The network recently revealed the most comprehensive slate of original programming in its history, and missing are the very franchises that helped transform the one-time purveyor of music videos into a (much-watched) three-ring circus of “celebreality” and sometimes crass dating shows.

“I think it was really just part of our evolution. We’re a pop culture network by definition, so we do always have to be molding and moving,” Jeff Olde, executive vice president of original programming and production at VH1, tells PopEater exclusively. “We’ve had such a great run, and really had a blast with all those shows, but it just felt like, ‘OK, what’s the next thing gonna be?'”
VH1 will unveil a total of 44 original series before the end of the year. Each series is expected to fall into one of three categories: music, celebrity and “real life stories.” “We’re expanding the ways we tell a story so that we have more ways to reflect on what’s happening in the music and pop culture that our viewers love,” Olde says of the network’s new direction.

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