It’s Time for a Project Runway Finale! [POLL]

What is Michael hididng behind those shades?

So the time has finally come. After months of “making it work,” (and 12 contestants who clearly couldn’t) we’re finally going to find out who’s takin’ home the big prize on Project Runway. Not gonna lie, I nearly forgot it was the big day. To say this wasn’t my favorite season of the show (obvi that title goes to Christian Siriano’s year) is a gross understatement. Not only were the contestants rather boring, but I swear the judges are on crack.

Just look at some of the things that made them drool:

Really? I wouldn’t even wear any of that crap on Halloween, no matter how slutty you could make it.

The only reason I’ve kept watching (besides the fact that the re-runs are a great procrastination tool when I should be doing something productive on a Saturday morning) is because of Seth Aaron. His hair and style remind me of Jeffrey Sebelia, one of my favorite contestants ever. (What can I say? I’ve got a soft-spot in my heart for neck tattoos. I even dressed up as him for Halloween one year.) Plus, he’s uber talented and I love seeing what awesome alternative look he’ll come up with next.

I also have a major gay crush on Michael Kors (he’s a Jew, which would make my mama proud) and I need my weekly dose of his saucy wit.

But back to tonight. Despite my love/hate relationship with the season as a whole, I’m getting pretty stoked about the final runway. We’ve got three very different designers who will be producing three very different collections: Seth Aaron and his edgy, alternative style; Mila and her dowdy, color-blocked look; and Emilio who is just a cocky bastard who never listens to what Tim has to say. (And really, home slice needs to bring it down a notch; he is the man behind this mini-monstrosity.)

So who’s it gonna be? My money is most definitely on Seth Aaron, but seeing how much I’ve disagreed with the judges all season, I wouldn’t be surprised if they brought Ping back and crowned her the Project Runway Queen.

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WARNING: Do Not Do This In Class
WARNING: Do Not Do This In Class
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