WARNING: Do Not Do This In Class

While we may not like all of them, rules exist for a reason. They keep us safe, they keep us sane, they keep some sort of order in this world of ours. And that applies to college campuses, too. There are all sorts of rules that we live by: no food in the library, no drinking in the dorms, no sex in the stacks.

But with all the attention given to those scoundrels who dare bring a Diet Coke into the ‘brary, those university officials missed a few important rules. The kind that would benefit everyone, allowing all of us to be more successful in our studies and more productive members of society.

We didn’t forget about them, though, so we at CollegeCandy are starting a revolution. Join us on our quest to establish some new campus rules and rid our classrooms of evil… and PDA. 

Candy Dish: What’s Coming On Gossip Girl?
Candy Dish: What’s Coming On Gossip Girl?
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