Weekly Wrap Up: It Was a Good Week

Well, the week is finally over, and what a week it was. Where do I even begin? Obviously with the amazeballs Glee Madonna episode.  Sue Sylvester is seriously my hero.  Then we found this video of ‘Things I Hate’ that made me laugh until my face hurt more than after prom pictures.  It was also 4/20 and Earth Day, and I killed two birds with one stone by chowing down on Sunchips.

And now, to call the week to a close, we have a whole weekend dedicated to patio happy hours and shopping online for new spring dresses. It’s moments like these that make me happy I have a little money store in the bank.

Ahhh, the good life. Summer is really inching closer and closer and I can already smell the burnt hot dogs in the air. But before you get wrapped up catching up on Glee (they’re airing it again tonight for the many of us who missed the last few minutes thanks to stupid American Idol) or diving into the spring dresses tab on the J. Crew website (color me guilty), take a look at the awesome week that was.

– We are wondering, if Noah can chase Allie (and hang on a Ferris Wheel to get her attention) why can’t women do the same without looking like complete creepers?

– Are sick days included in the real world?  Eh, not so much.

– We argued the reasons why women shouldn’t wait for sexy time.

– Cosmopolitan came out with a ‘Sexy Issue’ this month. Yee-haw! But after reading it, we think it should be re-named the ‘Silly Issue.’

– We discovered the sky is the limit for the Kardashian sisters. Because they are the next Patti Stanger? Oh no, please, no.

Esquire proved that there may be hope for all men out there.

– We suggested a few new rules college campuses should adopt.

And that’s that. Now it’s time to hit the gym to prepare ourselves for bathing suit season. Or maybe we’ll just skip the whole “laying out” thing altogether and towel ourselves tan.

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Gossip Cheat Sheet: Can Anyone In Hollywood Do Anything Right?
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