CollegeCandy’s Guide To Selling Those Books

Campus bookstores suck. They convince you that you need to buy a textbook for $150, and you’ll crack it open on that one day you were bored feeling studious, before realizing your exams are straight from the class notes/Powerpoint slides and you don’t even need that 10 pound eyesore in the first place.

No harm done, you’ll just return it, right?

Right, except that you’ll receive a measly $20 (if you’re lucky).

I for one am tired of returning my (barely opened) books for a small fraction of what I paid for them. It’s spring, and I need every extra dollar for what’s really important in college: new bikinis and happy-hour margaritas, duh! So I decided to compile a list of places to do textbook business that are better than the bookstore. Try one of these on for size and then take all that moolah to the bank (or

1. is the leading textbook rental site – Its saves college students $1000s of dollars a year on college textbooks. Rent textbooks at bookrenter and get free shipping both ways! Bookrenter also has the largest selection and cheapest books making it the best book rental site out there!

Offers free shipping, buyback at 100% of sale price, and they even plant a tree every time you sell a book (seriously!).

Sell back your books and you can enter into a sweepstakes to win a new Apple iPad! They also sell books for less than half their original price, so if you don’t win that iPad, you will have plenty of extra money to buy one.

Same deal. Cash back, free shipping.

Rated #1 by CampusGrotto as the best value, lowest price and best buy-back deals! Hollerrrr!

So there you have it, folks – plenty of options to make some serious money back on those barely-used books (unless you count “beer rest” as a use, in which case they were quite helpful) and get a deal on some newish ones for next year. Now you’ll never have to pay full price again and will only have to visit the campus store for cute sweats to wear when you’re hungover!

Saturday Read: ‘Will Grayson, Will Grayson,’ by John Green & David Levithan
Saturday Read: ‘Will Grayson, Will Grayson,’ by John Green & David Levithan
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