5 Celebs Who Should Quit The Twit

Rumor has it John Mayer has threatened to quit oversharing and saying really douchy things via Twitter. Much like the many times my friends promised to never drink again if God let them make it through the night alive, I don’t buy it. But it would be nice. We know John has a few problems thinking before he speaks and his compulsive Tweeting has gotten him in trouble many a time. Plus, maybe it would do him some good to turn off the computer and go to sleep once in awhile.

You know what else would be good? If a few other celebs decided to follow in Mr. Mayer’s footsteps and Quit the Twit. (Hm, maybe we could start a whole campaign??) Below, 5 celebs who should step away from the Twitter account.

Lindsay Lohan:
Publicists exist for a reason and that reason is Lindsay Lohan and her drunken ramblings. If this girl ever wants a chance at a solid career again, it’s time to stop drunk Tweeting/battling with her ex GF via the very public Interwebs and start letting the professionals handle her bizness.

Michael Lohan:
Is over-Tweeting a genetic condition? Clearly it runs in this family. Come on, Mikey, stop riding your daughter’s has-been coattails and airing her dirty laundry to the world in 140 characters. (Actually, maybe you should understand how Twitter works and stop writing novels that overwhelm my Twitter feed.) It’s enough we have to see you in this; must we have to listen to you, too?

Let’s be real here. This woman is “famous” for two things: her giant booty and being married to everyone’s favorite SVU detective. And even if she had the voice of Susan Boyle and the brains of Steve Jobs, I wouldn’t want to see a picture of her getting a bikini wax. Seriously, girl.

Spencer Pratt:
To be fair, we think Spencer Pratt should remove himself from the planet altogether, but since that’s not happening any time soon (unfortch), we can start smaller. I mean, the guy is now apparently working for the government or something but spends his time on Twitter talking sh*t about people with actual talent? I swear, Spencer Pratt is the reason so much of the world hates this country. Shut him up and world peace will ensue, I guarantee it.

P Diddy spent the past 15 years building up his reputation as the coolest, dopest, baller-ist guy on the planet. And then he started compulsively Tweeting with more exclamation points and ALL CAPS than a 13-year-old-girl in a Justin Bieber chat room. Following Diddy’s Tweets is like following Richard Simmons. It. must. stop.

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