4 Professors Who Deserve to Get The Boot

“What do you mean, you didn’t have time to complete the 750 pages of reading for today?”

Remember in high school when you and all of your friends failed the same exam and you were convinced it was the teacher’s fault?  “She never taught ANY of this stuff “ you bantered.  In a fit of rage, you stormed to an advisor to make a complaint.  You knew something had to be done about this dreadful teacher, and you were certain that if enough of you joined together, the school would surely do away with her. Your concerns were heard, but most likely, nothing was done.

For students at Louisiana State University, their wishes came true.  Recently, a professor was actually dismissed for grading too hard.

Victory at last!
Students’ voices are finally being heard!

Maybe this is a sign of good things to come. Maybe now is our time to finally speak up and rid universities across the country of those notoriously evil teachers who make us wonder how they got the job in the first place.  The hard graders are at the tops of all our lists, but here are a few other profs who should also get the boot. Are you listening, Dean of Students?!

1. The Ancient
The teachers who can’t control their bodily functions and tell you that your father was just a joy to have in class. They still use ditto machines and think a Power Point is something you do with your finger and a stern look on your face. And email? Is that something you can do with a typewriter?

2. The Foreign Tongue
Accents are sexy on the likes of Antonio Banderas and Heidi Klum, but not on your Physics prof or Stats T.A. How are we expected to learn anything when we can barely understand the guy’s name?!

3. The Delusional
Everyone’s had that one professor who thinks his/her class is the only one you happen to be taking. Of course you’d have all the time in the world to read 400 pages a night and turn in weekly 5-page papers. It’s not like you’ve got anything else more important than this class you wouldn’t have taken if it weren’t required for those stupid distribution requirements.

4. The Inflexible
You may be paralyzed by the Swine Flu, or stuck at an airport due to volcanic eruption after your aunt’s funeral, but your absence is still unexcused and you’ll have to accept a zero on that day’s test. Sorry, but it’s in the syllabus.

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