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MJ’s Gay Lover Comes Out of Nowhere


Does this look like the face of someone who would date a dermatologist's assistant?

My grandma once told me that she had a secret love affair with Elvis Presley during his gyration days of “Jailhouse Rock.”  Although the claim was about as real as Heidi Montag’s chest, my grandma made a good point: it was her word against his, and because he is no longer with us, by default, her word prevailed.  However, only us fortunate enough to listen to her rant at Thanksgiving would have knowledge of this scandal.  To protect her deceased lover’s privacy, she decided not to broadcast it to the world via Youtube. (Either that or she has no clue what Youtube is).

In the fame driven world that we are engulfed in today, a man named Jason Pfeiffer has chosen a different path than my grandmother had.  The former dermatologist’s assistant has announced to the world that he was “Michael Jackson’s boyfriend right up until the day the King of Pop died.”  In an interview on “Extra” he explains how emotionally connected him and MJ were and that it was obvious that they were soul mates.  He admits that he never asked Michael if he was “gay” but that it was implied, because of their frequent exchanges of “I love you.”

Obviously, there is no one to refute Pfeiffer’s claim, and as he continues to stand by it, no one can prove him wrong.  Under the spotlight at the VMA’s, Madonna eulogized our beloved King and spoke of her own relationship with him.  She explained his struggle of being the world’s most popular man and the loneliest man respectively.  She offered him companionship and he accepted with open arms and an open heart.  He longed for the type of true friendship that he found in Madonna.  The relationship that Pfeiffer describes seems quite similar in nature.  Clearly a disturbed man, it is quite possible that MJ did express his “love” for Pfeiffer, but did not mean it the way Pfeiffer is announcing to the world. This mans claim may in fact be the truth, but on the same token, it could be the decade’s largest publicity stunt as of yet.  If this is an attempt to join the acclaimed club: “Celebrities Famous For No Reason at All” (President: Paris Hilton, chair persons: Audrina Partridge and Kate Gosselin) then Pfeiffer might just be a genius.  Michael may have professed that “Billie Jean was not [his] lover”, but in regards to Jason Pfeiffer, the world will never know.