Weekly Wrap Up: Operation Stress Mode

This time of year is so stressful. I’m so stressed out, I’m stressing about all of the TV shows I have to try and DVR every day. Job interviews are flooding my planner (yay), senior thesis papers are suffocating my existence, and trying to wiggle time to party with my closest friends before graduation is like trying to fit a fat man in a small jacket (nearly impossible).

It’s a crazy thing for some of us, college coming to an end. There was that part of me that thought college would stretch into my forties, and I would be shot gunning beers and rocking it out at concerts until my aging got the best of me. But, that’s not so much. Fortunately, for my future children.

While the stress is pumping up the volume, take a moment to skim over a week that was, and de-stress thosesenses!. Maybe it will make us feel better to ignore the future, if just for a small moment in time.

* Like I said before, college=load of stress. And graduating makes it worse. At least we’ve got that whole work outfit thing covered.

* As much as we’d like to believe bursting into the real world will present us gourmet dinners at the bistro, and tasty free lunches at work – we have discovered Lean Cuisines and Special K may continue to be a solid diet of choice.

* Ugh, some professors deserve to get the boot.

* An article in Maxim is making us wonder if guys are more like the ladies then we think.

* We have discovered some woman will do some cah-razy stuff for all the men out there.

* Aww Twitter, the outlet for sharing information that some would prefer to never know about. Especially with these five celebrity Twitter fanatics.

* Finally, we listed some ways to turn those weird, useless books (you probably never read) out into dollah bills.

Ok, I’m out. Time to go catch up on my guilty, most embarrassing pleasure: The Hills. Whatever, at least I’ve learned something.

Gossip Cheat Sheet: Babies, Brains and Bieber
Gossip Cheat Sheet: Babies, Brains and Bieber
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