From CollegeFashion: 4 Spring & Summer Denim Staples

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If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you probably already know about my not-so-secret denim addiction. I l o v e the fabric, and always wear it year-round!

Of course, come spring and summer, I tend to ditch my skinny jeans in favor of cooler, girlier styles like the ones featured below. The following four pieces are my spring and summer denim staples. An added bonus? Most of the pieces can be worn year-round with the right combination of layers, and they’re perfect for the awkward pre-season transition phases. Fellow denim lovers, this is for you!

Boyfriend Jeans:

Product Information: Soul Cal Boyfriend Rip & Repair Jeans, Republic. Bluebird Beach Cropped Boyfriend Jeans, Hollister. AG Ex Boyfriend Crop Jeans, Calypso.

Boyfriend jeans first became popular last spring, and the look is here to stay! Luxury denim brands, department stores, and retail chains alike continue to sell out of the popular, relaxed style.

Boyfriend jeans can be hard to pull off, as they can sometimes make you look sloppy or larger on the bottom, but if you pick the right pair they’ll hang off your hips in that effortless California-chic way. As always, it’s important watch your proportions when creating an outfit around a pair of these jeans: pair baggy bottoms with a more fitted top for the most flattering look. Want a more easy-going vibe? Try the jeans with an oversized v-neck.

What are the other 3 denim essentials for spring/summer? Find out right here.

LiLo Going to Jail?!
LiLo Going to Jail?!
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