College Q&A: End Of The Year Roommate Issues

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Alright, I know this is coming really late (there’s only like 2 weeks left of school) but my roommate is driving me crazy. It’s like all the annoying things she did all year that I ignored are bubbling over and I want to punch her. She’s messy, she’s loud. Did I mention she’s messy? Like, underwear on the floor messy. I didn’t want to say anything to her because we don’t have any time left but with finals and everything I am really stressed and my room just isnt the sanctuary that I need it to be. Is it worth it to start a fight or should I just let it go? I mean, I’m pretty sure it’s not worth some big blow up (which I anticipate it being), but it’s my room too and I’m so annoyed with her I barely want to be in there.

GPA Girl:
Yeah, you’re right–this is kind of late in the game to be worrying about this, but at the same time, I can understand why you’re upset. Are you and your roommate friends? It’s not really clear from your question whether you’re close with her or if she’s just some girl with whom you ended up sharing a space. If she is a friend to you, I think she’d understand if you brought up this stuff (in a polite way, of course). Just say something like, “Hey, I really don’t think this is a big deal or anything, but I’m getting crazy stressed out due to the end of the semester, and it would just help me focus and feel better if you could keep your space a bit cleaner.” Actually, you might consider saying the same thing even if she ISN’T a friend. Unless she is the type of girl who goes completely insane at the drop of a hat, she’s not likely to get offended by a non-confrontational nudge to adopt some responsibility. Good luck!

Party Girl:
One of the many things you learn in college is just how small dorm rooms are. I’m guessing this knowledge is smacking you across the face right now as you angrily glare at your roommate’s discarded thong. Trust me, nothing you can say or do will make that room bigger. However, if you confront her about her slobbish habits, then the room is gonna seem a whole hell of a lot smaller. Although this has been a year-round issue, you have to realize it is finals time. You are way more on edge than usual and will probably say things you don’t really mean (or, if you mean them, they’ll come with a little more bite than is necessary). You said that you prefer having your room a sanctuary during finals. Girl, if you want a sanctuary, go to the library. It’s quiet, clean, and probably doesn’t have any thongs lying around (I can’t guarantee this, but I’m assuming…). A knock-down, drag-out fight with your roommate is the last thing you need right now. Pack up your books and camp out in the library. Then, after finals are over, get your hands on a few pitchers of margaritas and celebrate with your roommate. Sharing drinks will solve any roommate issue. Well…even if it doesn’t, it’ll be time to move out by that time, eh? Good luck!

Busy Bee:
Funny that you ask this question now, because I just read a quote that said, “Open your mouth – close ones don’t get fed!” Pretty much, say something about it or she’s going to think that you’re okay with it. Oftentimes, we think we can psychologically transfer mean and angry thoughts to people (I used to think so), but more times than not, it doesn’t work. I know finals are stressing you out, but like you said, it’s your room too. You deserve to have a clean floor! Try gently asking her to pick it up ASAP. If she goes crazy on you, then resort to studying in the library or another friend’s room. Don’t hold back your feelings just because you want to avoid a big blow up. If you handle the situation correctly, it may not even be that bad. Besides, if it goes wrong…she won’t have to be your roomie next year!

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