Summer Break Is Almost Here – Yay?

Spring semester is winding down, and when we’re stuck in the library for 24 hours at a time with our eyes glued to a textbook and an energy drink surgically attached to our hands, it’s easy to count down to seconds until summer vacation. But as we all know, life back at home can be a drag an adjustment.

We’ve got it pretty easy on campus – sleeping till noon, going to class if and when we feel like it, and bar-hopping every night… while occasionally squeezing in some work. Pretending to be a real, responsible person when you get home to mom and pops can be a tough change. So while it’ll be all good in the hood to ditch those books in favor of mom and dad’s luxurious leather couch, there are a few things you might want to prepare yourself for before you head home for the summer.

The good: Swapping the sh*tty dorm food for mom’s home cookin’, a fully stocked fridge and barbecues full of hot dogs and burgers! Yumm!
The bad
: Making our bikini debut after the freshman/sophomore/junior 15 has wreaked havoc. I’m sure everyone will appreciate the new beer gut, no?

The good: Reuniting/swapping stories with those home BFFs you haven’t seen all semester.
The bad
: Reuniting awkwardly with your not-so-BFFs whom you haven’t seen since graduation. When you haven’t washed your hair. And she’s got your ex-bf on her arm.

The good: Spending days at the beach and nights drinking ’till sunrise with your old friends.
The bad
: Uh, yeah right. Responsibility-free summer days are few and far between for most of us in this economy, whether we’ve scored a killer internship or are logging long hours at our old jobs. I know my 9-5 doesn’t leave much time for sunbathing (and has me asleep by 11 pm).

The good: Quality fam time. You hate to admit it, but you missed them (and someone else to do your laundry).
The bad: You mean it’s not appropriate to stumble home blackout drunk at 4 am while living under your parents’ roof?

The good: Finally ditching the twin XL for your big, comfy bed at home.
The bad
: Missing that boy you used to share it with, even if he did always shove you into the wall…

Hm, now that I think about all that (and the whole packing thing), maybe those 4 exams and 2 papers aren’t lookin’ so bad….

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