5 Mother’s Day Gifts That Are Worth The Wait

"I love you, mom. Your gift will be a little late..."

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and I am old enough to understand I’ve used and abused doing the whole buy-her-a-card-and-make-her-‘free backrub’-coupons bit. And as much as I would love to buy my mom concert tickets and backstage passes to Bon Jovi, my income is just not going to allow that kind of spending. Not to mention, I’ve been so busy drinking my face off for the last week of my college career busting out finals week, I had totally forgotten this Sunday was Mother’s Day until right about…now.

If, like me, you’re scrambling to finish all of those countless research papers and haven’t gotten to brainstorming about that perfect gift for mom, I’m here to help. No, these gifts won’t be ready quite in time for Sunday, but they are so awesome they are totes worth the wait. Just send mom a homemade card (or an e-card….it’s the thought, right?) and then wow her with one of these when you’re done with those dreadful exams.

1. Mom’s Mixtape
Most moms out there are a little challenged when it comes to technology, so this is the perfect (and cheap!) gift. I know my mother’s appreciation for ’80s rock is congruent with my obsession with techno dance parties on a Friday night, and it’s really simple to throw together a great mix CD with all of her favorite songs. It’s thoughtful, it’s easy, and it will make her really happy when she’s driving around town in that SUV running errands for you and the sibs. If you need inspiration, make a few radio stations on Pandora with her favorite artists to find some other artists she might love. And if you want to go big, make her a 6-CD box set with her favorite jams from all the decades.

2. Digitally Organize All of Her Photos
This is such a fab idea. I’m sure everyone’s mother has a cherished collection of dusty photos in their basement just waiting to be shared. Now that it’s so much easier to share photos digitally, you can send her old photos to this website and they’ll scan them all for you and turn them into a digital collection! It’s really simple, and if your mom has a Facebook account (bless her heart), she can share them with her friends. The Internet: what a wonderful thing.

3. A Framed Collage
Like to get crafty? Why not make her a beautiful collage? Head over to TJ Maxx or Marshalls and pick up a frame (they have really pretty ones that are really cheap), then start crafting. You can scan old photos from your baby books at home and mix them with fabulous new photos from when you weren’t in your awkward “I have braces and poodle bangs” stage. You can even edit them into Picnik and make them vintage and artsy. Moms LOVE memories and she’ll love this one even more when she knows how hard you worked on it.

And if cutting and pasting isn’t for you, you can do all your collage-ing online. Hell, with this website, you can work on that Mother’s Day Gift while you should be listening in that review sesh!

4. Make Her Something Pretty
Making mom something cute and pretty is easier than you think. I am not a very crafty person and even I can see myself doing all of these for my mom! Is she a fashionista? Make her a hair clip, or glam up her flip flops. Is she the next Paula Deen? Make her a really great apron (trust me, you only need basic sewing skills). These are only a few of the purty things you can throw together for her (and there are a million and one other awesome ideas out there – check out PS I Made This for creative inspiration!) and no matter what you make, she’ll be overjoyed at your creativity.

5. DVD Her Home Videos
My aunt recently did this for my Dad and I was able to see videos made in the ’60s on DVD. It was awesome. I don’t think my family even owns a VCR anymore so we never watch home movies. But that’s sad, because watching old dance recitals or seeing what your parents looked like in the early ’90s is fun. And hilarious. And your mom definitely misses the days when you were in diapers. And now, thanks to these people, you can bring all those home movies into the new millennium. You can even add theme music in the background! It’s all too sweet for words and your mom will totes agree.

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