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Coupled. Summer Lovin’


With this being the last week of classes (THANK GOD), I can now spend the time I was spending in the library for more useful things. Like daydreaming about summer time. When it’s 80 degrees and sunny outside my classroom, can you blame me?

But more than summer dresses, sandals and sun tans, with summer comes great opportunities for more bonding time, and more creative bonding time, with the BF.

Looking for something new to do with the boyf?  Here you are my favorite summer time date ideas!

1. Kayaking – I love, love, LOVE kayaking. I love being in the water, but have never been a really strong swimmer so this works out really well for me. You can even take the cuteness up a level and go canoeing. He can row while you read poetry from under your parasol. (Sorry, this is what I think of when I hear of a couple in a canoe). But kayaking really is a cheap activity that’s way more fun to do with a partner than alone.

2. Bike rides – I’m particularly excited about this one because Matt and I just bought bikes and went for our first bike ride last night! You can ride to yogurt shops or snow cone stands or whatever you want for a treat, then pedal your way back home. Or go on a fun adventure off the beaten path (literally).

3. Movies – For those who can’t stand the summer heat, you can always retreat to the dark (aka, good make out lighting) and air conditioned movie theaters. Or even better, hop in the car and head to a drive-in. While “dinner and a movie” may not be so original, it sure as heck will be entertaining with all of the summer movies that come out every year. I know I can’t wait to go see Iron Man 2.

4. Frisbee Golf – This may just be a whole Austin liberal thing, but this place is littered with frisbee-golfers. There is good reason for this, however, because frisbee golf is so much fun! It’s as laid back as regular golf, but it isn’t as mind numbingly boring. If your boyfriend is a regular golf fan, talk him into going to a frisbee golf course, that way you both can have fun.

5. Firefly catching – When I was little, I used to live in Illinois where fireflies were everywhere at dusk during the summer. But then I moved to west Texas where fireflies don’t exist. You have no idea how excited I was when I learned that there are lightening bugs in Austin. Seriously people, get your boyfriend, get a jar, and get to catching! It’s such a fun activity and it will totally make you feel like a kid.

6. Wave Pool – Once you get over the long lines (littered with small children), wave pools/water parks are the perfect summer date. You can grab a tube and lounge in the lazy river, dunk each other in the wave pool, or race each other to the bottom of the water slides. Plus, there’s the whole “rubbing sunscreen on one another” factor, which is always fun.

Well ladies, that’s what I’m looking forward to this summer. What about you?

    Hey kids, I'm Sarabeth. I'm a Senior at the University of Texas. All you really need to know about me is that I'm unusually peppy, an avid music/tv/movies consumer, and I love cupcakes :)