The Know: Hello, Jicama!

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For this week’s The Know, I sent the following pitch letter to our editor:

Dear Greatest Editor That Ever Lived:

For The Know, can I write about jicama?

I know what you’re thinking: it’s an odd thing to tell people – much less college students – they need to know about a vegetable, but I really do feel that people are missing out. It’s just that I think jicama is really underrated, most people don’t even know about it (gasp!). It’s such a good snack: crunchy, delicious, sweet, and there are just so many ways to eat it.

Fact is, I’m a huge fan and want to spread the jicama love.

With love for CollegeCandy and, of course, vegetables that start with a J but have an H sound,

So yes, dear readers, I got the go ahead. And not because I flattered the pants off of Ms. Editor. It’s because she also agrees that jicama rocks. (Editor’s Note: I had just eaten an entire one when I got that email.) This veggie has a sweet crunch that is way more than just a Mexican delight (although it is divine in Mexican salads). You can eat it plain, you can sprinkle it with a touch of salt and some lemon juice, and it totally kicks baby carrots’ ass as a substitute for chips and dip. Load little jicama chips up with guac, hummus, salsa – you name it. It’s great chopped up in salads, it’s great in a salad of its own (combine jicama, cilantro, grapefruit and orange segments.

And chew on this: jicama packs a measley 46 calories a cup not to mention it’s low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. It is also a good source of potassium, and a very good source of dietary fiber and vitamin C.

Seriously, maybe it’s weird to have this much passion towards a veggie, but try it out and I promise you will LOVE.

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