Weekly Wrap Up: Finals Week is Worse Than a Stage 5 Clinger

As of right now, I have been in the library for a duration of eleven hours. Working on one paper. I left for an hour to steal a free hot dog from a baseball game on campus. This is my life. And it’s probably yours if you are stuck in the tornado of finals week, sucking the fun out of our lives.  I know it will be over soon, but how many florescent library lights and Pandora commercials can one girl take!?

Until then, I’m going to try and get through it all. Maybe Google image search Liam Hemsworth, watch a few YouTube videos of people falling…

So after you catch up on the absolutely insane Hill’s episode from this week, and the Gossip Girl episode that made us wonder where Rufus is keeping his waffle maker, check out a week that was:

– Since it’s almost summah time (thank you!) it’s time to bling up your closet with this easy-to-make tank.

– Call me guilty, in the midst of finals week H-E double hockey sticks, I forgot about Mother’s Day. But we have five Mother’s Day gifts that are totally worth the weight in gold your mom’s home cooking.

– House parties versus campus bar. We discovered they are not one in the same. Who knew?

– Tiger Woods speaks at a marriage seminar – Just kidding! But Chris Brown sings the anthem at a boxing match. Who is his PR person?

– One CC writer is going ‘dude free’ all month long.  I haven’t done that since third grade, and it sounds refreshing! Read up on her progress.

– The Kentucky Derby was this weekend, and we don’t know about you, but those hats. Drooling.

– Skinny jeans can protect you from what?

– We’ve all had one: a friend dealing with an unhealthy relationship.

Gossip Cheat Sheet: Another One Sleeps Around
Gossip Cheat Sheet: Another One Sleeps Around
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