College Q&A: Is It Too Late To Get an Internship?

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I don’t know what to do. So, I’m finishing my junior year and all of my friends have dream internships this summer in New York and L.A. and Chicago…and I’ve got nothing. I know internships are important but I havent gotten any of the ones I applied for. Is it too late to apply for more? Does it look bad applying this late? What about following my friends to one of those cities and just looking for something when I get there? Is that really dumb?

Party Girl:
Been there. Survived. It was May and I needed an internship to graduate. I had been applying since February, but I was still looking at a summer of unemployment. However, I just kept sending out applications until I got a bite. Fortunately, it ended up being exactly what I had dreamed of and I had a great summer! Just keep applying – anything will do. You don’t need a dream internship for the first one (if you get one, that’s awesome, but you’ll be lucky). The second or third internship usually ends up being the experience of which everyone dreams. My plan if I hadn’t gotten lucky was to do exactly as you said – move on out to New York, stay with a friend, and just show up everywhere with samples of my work and a handful of resumes. I’m not sure how well that would have worked out for me, but I’m sure I would have had a great summer either way. Get yourself out there and keep sending out applications. Something will turn up and if it doesn’t…it’ll be much more fun to drink away your misery in N.Y. or L.A.!

Busy Bee:
No, it is NOT too late to apply for an internship! I would like to say that I’m very experienced in the field of applying for internships. What I’ve learned is that you need to be really persistent to your employers when applying. Let them know that they are not just another company that you are trying to target. Instead, follow up with a phone call or an e-mail personally thanking them, just so you can be on their mind. Also, try looking into smaller market internships. Remember, a big name is always great on a resume, but the experience you gain is even more important. So, try researching internships in your field, but do not mark off ones that you initially did not apply for.

If you are having a difficult time finding an internship, think of your favorite companies and look into their programs. If they do no have anything to offer, then call the HR rep or the manager and see if you can strike up a deal with them. Sometimes, when opportunities aren’t there, you have to create your own. Lastly, if none of these follow through, then look into a job that is related to your interests. You mentioned you were a junior, so make sure you get your foot in the door – somewhere!

I do not advise following your friends into a city and trying to look for something. It’s better if you can secure something before you travel that far. As cliche as this sounds, remember that whatever happens, it was meant to happen. Whatever you end up doing this summer, just know that you ended up on that path because you were destined to meet someone who would help you in your career path! Don’t feel bad – be proud that you were proactive enough to keep trying. Good luck!

GPA Girl:
Hmmm. You might feel unlucky, but I’m pretty sure you’ve made out like a bandit here and your friends are actually the ones who will be miserable all summer. Even though it might seem as if NOW is your only opportunity to get an internship, that’s completely untrue. Is your college in a large or even a medium-sized city? If so, why not find an internship to do during the senior year? If that’s not an option, try to land one after you graduate, after which you can go straight into a kick-ass job (fingers crossed). Plus, people are more likely to actually pay you once you’ve graduated. I’m betting most of your friends aren’t getting paid a dime this summer, and if they are, they’ll be working so much that it won’t even be worth it, not to mention that the cost of living in L.A. or NYC is absolutely ridic. Seriously.

Do NOT move with your friends to their internship cities, but go ahead and send out a few more applications. What’s the harm? You might get something, and if you don’t, try finding an actual job for the summer, even if it’s just waitressing. Work experience can be just as valuable as internship experience, and you’ll be stashing away extra cash when all your friends come back exhausted and in debt.

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