CollegeCandy’s Guide To Summer Music Festivals

With all the free time and sunshine that summer brings, there’s no better time to pile in the car with your friends and take a road trip. And there’s no better destination than a 3-day music festival. Is there anything better than lounging on a blanket, soaking up the sun and listening to your favorite songs!? I think not.

If you’ve got a little extra time on your hands this summer (or if you are desperate to get away from the overbearing parental units), there are plenty of music festivals you can hit up. All are awesome, all are chock full of some pretty great music, and all are a great way to reconnect with your college friends you had to leave behind when finals ended.

Lollapalooza: August 6-8th, Grant Park, Chicago
I’m literally hyperventilating just reading the lineup: MGMT, Slightly Stoopid, GAGA!?!?!?!?!?!? Not to mention the world-famous DJs spinning at Perry’s (I’m lookin’ at you, Kid Cudi), the art exhibit, awesome food, and a beer garden! Oh, and Chicago is supposed to be pretty spectacular in the summer, which means there’s no reason to skip out on this one. Check out the festival’s main site for ticket prices, places to stay, travel packages, and the ridiculously full lineup!

Bonnaroo: June 10-13, Manchester, TN
Bonnaroo’s got the real heavyweights this year: Jay-Z, Dave Matthews, Weezer, Kings of Leon, Tenacious D, Regina Spektor…need I say more? There’s also a karaoke “barn,” a comedy theater, and the totally unique silent disco – a dance party with headphones! Get all the info at

Harmony Festival: June 11-13, Santa Rosa, CA
If you’re lucky enough to live on the west coast (or are in the mood for a really long road trip), go see indie rockers Michael Franti & Spearhead, India.Arie, the Dead Kennedy’s, K’naan and more at the Sonoma County fairgrounds. All-weekend passes are only $119, and it has a reputation as the most relaxing and laid-back of the summer music fests. Santa Rosa also features a sweet winery and an African safari, if you’re into that sorta thing.

Camp Bisco: July 15-17, Mariaville, NY
Bisco features artists like Thievery Corporation, Method Man, Disco Biscuits, and Girl Talk, for an overall awesome mix of electro-indie, hip-hop, and reggae. Not to mention a Color Wars contest to bring you back to your high-school spirit week and a huge lake for your enjoyment (water sports, anyone!?). There may not be much to do in upstate NY (trust), but this laid-back weekend should be worth your hard-earned gas money.

Lilith Fair: June 27th-August 16th, a city near you!
Gather your girlfriends and your Birkenstocks, because everyone’s favorite indie chicks are back on tour (plus some brand spankin’ new acts that we loooooove). The best part? You won’t have to travel too far to see them! Some of my personal faves that will make appearances are Colbie Callait, La Roux, Norah Jones, Tegan & Sara (seriously, download them if you haven’t already), and Ke$ha. If nothing else, it will be interesting to see how the show transitions from Sarah McLachlan to Tik Tok.

Wardrobe Wish List: Deena & Ozzy Canvas Menswear Tote
Wardrobe Wish List: Deena & Ozzy Canvas Menswear Tote
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