Utah Seniors Are Funny…. At Least to Us

Some call this a fail, we call it a total win.

Call us immature (it’s better than the other things people have been calling us), but this is funny. I mean, penis? On the front page of the newspaper? Ha! That’s funny! And genius.

But other people, more important people, do not agree.

Apparently it’s a yearly tradition at the University of Utah for the senior journalists to have a little fun with the final publication of the year. So rather than just doing the corny goodbye with the inside jokes that no one gets, this year’s seniors decided to use their writing and formatting skills to spell out c*nt and penis on the front page.

Unfortunately, the administration didn’t ROTFL like we did. Instead, they HTDOTPIAWLTG (held the diplomas of the people involved and won’t let them graduate).

Day-ummmm. Who’s running that school, The Grinch? What do those admin peeps have against penises? And hilarity?

Whatever. We say screw graduation — it’s boring anyways. Frame that last newspaper column and hang it proudly above your future work desk.

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