8 Under $20: Summertime Hats

Since the first Kentucky Derby and my long time-span between showers, hats have really become this girl’s best friend. They block out the naughty rays of sun on a summer day, and make everyone look cute and trendy while doing so.  To top it off (pun intended) the spring-summer hat styles are making me melt in my desk chair. They. Are. To. Die. For.

I can see it now…strolling from my local coffee shop, latte in hand, fedora on head, bliss in fashion/local barista form. Bliss, eh? Whether or not you are prancing to your last final (with greasy hair) on a windy day or rolling out your beach mat for the first day on the beach front lawn – fall head over heels with this super cute summer hats, for cheap!

I love the color, the style, the adorable stripped ribbon. This hat is cuter than mini-back packs and would look so flattering with a spring dress or jeans and a cute tank. I want to buy this hat right now, then have a picnic in the quad while wearing it.

Can we hold the press right now?! This baby is only $7.99 at Aeropostale. I haven’t been to that store since the I was twelve, but it looks like I’m going back. Pronto.

Aeropostale does it again with another $7.99 hat that makes me want to read a book in a gazebo, buy a new sundress, and sunbathe all at the same time. And how cute would this flirty topper look with a plain white tee, jean shorts and some flippy floppies?

This hat is just so chic and perfect for summer time in the city, I am instantly in love. It is basic, simple, and ideal for you ladies out there (myself included) who want an instant (not too obvious) outfit boost.

The newest designer from Target, Eugenia Kim is my newest hero. This intricately stitched straw fedora says it all. It is laid back, fun, and sophisticated. I’m loving everything about it. P.S. Celebs like Madonna, Beyonce, and Rihanna rock these trendy beauties as well. Extra bonus!

This hat is so yummy, and not just for the beach! It is unique, stylish, but not too overboard, and looks way more spendy then its measly $14.99 price tag. And I’m a sucker for intricate details like the birdy on the front.  With this cute little number, nobody will know you are having a bad hair week day!

This fedora will work for summer and slip its way right into fall.  It’s so versatile, it will go with anything. I love the rich brown color, the ribbon detail, and that it is from Urban Outfitters (one of my favorite places that makes me feel instantly cooler). You can also get it in black or or a fabulous neutral straw!

Ok, let’s go out with a tip of our hats: this cute thang does not look it’s cost at $6.80. It is casual and different, and its bohemian design is simply lovely.

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Life After College: One Year Later…
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