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Hating Your Ex is a Great Idea


So apparently trashing your ex after a breakup is in. And no, not just for the pure fun of it (because believe me, it’s one of my many joys in life). But there’s actually scientific proof that shows it might just be necessary in order to move on.

A new study by the University of Utah backs this extraordinary phenomenon that hating your ex after a breakup makes you feel better. The study involved 65 undergrads who recently ended relationships that lasted more than four months (which, in college, is more like a century). Researchers found that people who seemed to have strong negative feelings about their ex immediately after the breakup were less likely to be depressed.

I know so many girls (and guys) who think holding onto the relationship after the breakup is best—even if that means changing your relationship status on Facebook and instead accepting the new label as “friends” who go out for casual lunches or whatever it is you do—but this just proves you’re all nuts wrong. Victory!

No, but seriously, if you’ve just gone through a rough breakup maybe you should put down those four boxes of Krispy Kremes you’re about to consume, stop taking it out on yourself, and start taking it out on him! It might just be good for you.

    Mel is the social media manager at StyleCaster. She's passionate about puppies, good food and finding the perfect Instagram filter. Some people tell her she has an unhealthy obsession with Chrissy Teigen and Ed Sheeran. But she thinks it's all perfectly normal and fine, thank you very much. Previously, she worked at Mashable, Glamour and Allure magazine.