Celebrating Celebrity “Flaws”: Flat and Fabulous

Every day we’re bombarded with a million different messages about what we are supposed to look like. And tell you what, our not-so-scientific-yet-totally-accurate visual research proves that 99% of girls out there don’t fit the mold. So instead of telling you how to wear your hair, or how much weight to lose, or which one of Heidi Montag’s many surgeries to get, we’re going to celebrate these so-called beauty flaws with a new weekly series.

This week is all about the A-list celebrities. Nope, not the ones who are all over the red carpet and on the cover of every tabloid. We’re talking about the celebrities who rock an A-cup bra and not only aren’t afraid to show it off, but look damn good doing it. They may not have the perfect shape based on men’s magazines, but they don’t let that get in their way.

Forget cleavage. Today we’re all about the proud women who celebrate being a carpenter’s dream.

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This is Miley’s Fault [VIDEO]
This is Miley’s Fault [VIDEO]
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