Gossip Cheat Sheet: Matt Lauer, Cheater #357

Hey, guess what? Another male celebrity can’t keep it in his pants! Bet you didn’t see that one coming. We’ve had, what, a week without a cheating scandal in the past 2 months?

While I know celebrity romances rarely last, my naivety sometimes gets the best of me when it comes to cheating. I love seeing Hollywood couples be cutesy as they try to avoid the paparazzi. But their relationships aren’t perfect. Just like Us Weekly tells us every week, stars are people too! And, apparently, they’re people who ignore their vows and sleep with everyone they can find.

Serious News

1. Today Show hunk Matt Lauer has reportedly left his wife of 12 years, Annette Roque, because of a saucy cheating scandal. Honestly, the celebrity cheating ring is starting to bore me, but I digress. Apparently while Lauer was covering the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, he got down with a few women and his wife found out. Poor lady. She’s already been seen without her wedding ring, so hopefully she’ll take the Sandra Bullock route and sign some papers. That’s the last time I watch the Today Show!

2. Larry King and Shawn Southwick have called off their divorce for the children. They released a statement earlier this week, saying that they “love being a family.” But this isn’t a fairy tale, so to create even more drama: Shawn’s sister (the mistress) is trying to sue Larry King because of the promises he made her, particularly involving financial support. This should get nice and messy.

3. Alexis Neiers, star of “Pretty Wild” and one of the “Bling Ring” members, will be spending 6 months in jail for her thievery. After Orlando Bloom announced that he would testify, the 18-year-old poptart pleaded no contest. She’ll enter the slammer on June 24. Moral of the story: don’t steal famous people’s stuff! But if you do, you might get a show on E!

4. Anne Hathaway’s boyfriend, Adam Shulman, stole a mural on Saturday with a friend. This seems to be a pattern with Anne; her BFs are up to no good. Shulman returned the art on Tuesday and the owner is not going to press charges. Anne, however, should really enter rehab for her addiction to bad boys.

5. Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez are trying to take things slow so their relationship doesn’t end up like the A-Rod K-Hud disaster. Things went too fast with his relationship with Kate (we know, she was everywhere!) and apparently Cameron doesn’t like baseball so she won’t stalk him at his workplace. Good, as long as you stay away from Justin and Jessica, have at it.

Less Serious, Still Crucial News

1. Kristen Stewart is pregnant! Just kidding, but tabloids like OK! Magazine are taking Rob’s joke on Oprah seriously and trying to make a story out of it.

2. It’s show canceling season: Heroes (sad face), Happy Town, and the Sarah Silverman Program have already gotten the boot. Cougar Town however, will be returning with a new title because the creators are saying the title is the excuse for bad ratings. Caitlin is saying the shows suckage is the excuse for bad ratings.

3. Britney Spears and Jason Trawick have split professionally. But don’t worry – they’re still dating.

4. The monster known as Speidi is living in filth. Their house is filled with Spencer’s “magical crystals” and is so messy that people are saying they’re borderline hoarders. Whatever, if they’re not leaving the messy house and fame whoring it up, it’s all good to me.

5. Too young to be a weekly hotness, but Greyson Michael Chance is the next Biebs!

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