Single. And Satisfied in the City

Finals are over for me (deepest apologies to those of you are still living the hell that is finals week), and the relief is soooo wonderful! Now there’s just the stress of getting moved into my new apartment for the summer, but I have managed to do that mostly successfully so far. (There was one incident involving me, the cart full of boxes I was pushing, and a dumb little Toyota that got in the way, but nothing too important was damaged). So as I now transition to summer mode, it just dawned on me that I am single in the city for the summer. And I can NOT wait!

There are times when every girl gets nostalgic for the benefits that come with being in a real relationship, but now is definitely NOT one of those times. As I listen to my newly-found roommate (thankfully, I was able to work it out so I didn’t have to live with my guy friend) try to figure out how to do long distance with her boyfriend who is in RUSSIA for the summer, I could never be happier to be single.

I’ve done long distance for a few summers, and while it is doable, it’s not exactly the greatest experience ever. Plus, let’s face it, every girl needs a summer fling. My friends have even already taken bets on who they think I’ll end up having a summer fling with, and I just laugh at them. At this point, it doesn’t even matter to me. (And if it happens, it will be with some anonymous Chicago stud that I’ll meet as I explore this great city.) Really, that’s not what I’m thinking about; I’m more focused on me. I’ve finally stopped periodically checking (read: relentlessly stalking) the Facebook pages of both my recent and not-so-recent exes. It’s a stupid, but at the same time monumental, realization in my life that I can say honestly that I am content on my own. I’ve been lying through my teeth and saying that for the past year, but it’s so different to really know that I am fine on my own.

As I sit on my newly decorated balcony, (and ohmigosh I got the cutest chairs!) watching the afternoon traffic go by, I’m looking forward to the tan, barbecues, parties, learning experiences, and maybe even a summer fling that await me in the next few months. And knowing that I’ll be just fine without a boy makes it all the sweeter.

Coupled. Your Place or Mine?
Coupled. Your Place or Mine?
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