The Creepiest Tampon Ads of All Time? [VIDEO]


[You don’t need to understand French to know how weird this whole thing is….]

No, they’re not tubes of chapstick or popsicles.  Those, ladies, are grown men dressed as tampons.  The French division of Tampax decided this was the best marketing strategy to take when pitching you their product.  Huh?  Put aside the fact that there’s a gross string hanging out the bottom of the costumes (I guess it all really is in the details), and ask what wildly misguided life choices these gentlemen made that landed them dressed as feminine hygiene products on French television and the Internet?

How are these men listing this gig on their resume?  Do they get more or less random weekend action since this campaign took off?  Would you hook up with a tampon?  And this maybe asking the obvious, but why are most of the tampons men?  Doesn’t that make the already-creepy infinitely creepier?

Le sigh.

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