Wardrobe Wish List: Arden B Bandage Mini Skirt

It was close to impossible to find a magazine this year that didn’t have editors raving over the bandage trend. “They are the most flattering shape of the season!” “For every shape and size!” they cooed.

I had one response to that: “Yeah freakin’ right.”

Of course your stick skinny models look amazing wrapped in a skin tight mini dress or skirt; they’d look hot in a paper bag. And while I am usually one to give a trend a try before labeling it unwearable, I just couldn’t see how stuffing every lump and bump into a super tight micro-mini would result in a flattering look.

And then I walked by the BCBGMaxAzria near my apartment and cried inside every time I passed the adorable bandage skirts in all colors of the rainbow. Don’t get me wrong, I was still 95% sure that I would put one on, let out a yelp of horror and hide inside the dressing room, but they looked so damn cute on the mannequins that I just had to give it a shot.

And I did leave the store screaming…but not because of how big my ass looked. I didn’t even get that far; instead I took one look at the price tag and ran as far away from that place as possible.

After this I spent months ignoring the trend, even though I’d see girls out at bars sporting the look and never once had bitchy thoughts about how she must have no mirrors in her dorm room. It seemed the editors may have been right…this look did seem to fit every body type.

So I went on a mad search for my own bandage piece; more specifically, one that wouldn’t leave me starving for months (hey, no need to drop pounds if the skirt will look amazing with my extra junk in the trunk, right?). And alas, I have finally found what I was so desperately searching for, the Bandage Mini Skirt by Arden B…and it was totally worth the manhunt.

Let me clear some things up for those of you girls who have already begun speed clicking to the site to get one of your own. The skirt is only $39 in store (versus the $44 online), and while I like the ombre version, the five solid colors they have in store really up the chic factor. I recommend getting your butt there immediately. I bought it in a rich eggplant color and have already paired it with a loose chiffon top, some strappy heels and a cropped leather jacket.

And I am definitely headed back to pick one up in white, perfect for brunch with the girls with a tucked in v-neck tee and some flip flops, and in cobalt blue, which will make the perfect bar getup paired with flat motorcycle boots, sheer patterned tights and a racerback tank.

Not only is this skirt one of the most comfortable socially acceptable things to wear in public I have ever put on, but the minute you slip into it, every bump, dimple and jiggle magically disappears. No joke. Go buy one now, thank me later.

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