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The 11 Things We Wish Guys Would Do More Often


Earlier today, while procrastinating on that whole “find a summer job” thing, I came across an article on entitled, “11 Things Men Want You to Do More Often—in Bed and Out.” At the top it says something about how men aren’t so different from women after all, because all they really want at the end of the day is to be pampered and loved!

So apparently (according to the article) your man wants you to remind him how hot he is, relinquish control of the remote, pick up the tabs and giving him frequent massages and blow jobs. What fun!

The list is honest and endearing, but there’s one major problem: most women don’t receive half of these courtesies in return. So now that Glamour’s gotten the convo started, here are some things I wish guys would do more often:

1. Leave us be while watching the Hills, Sex and the City, Keeping up with Kardashians etc.
No need for the mockery, gentlemen. How about we call a truce? We’ll leave you be with your fantasy football, FIFA and ESPN, you leave us be with Speidi (my, what a frightening thought).

2. Try complimenting something other than our cleavage
There’s more to us than our boobs, you know. Why not take notice when we dominate an exam or when you see how hard we’re working at reaching our fitness goals at the gym?

3. Go down there
Blow jobs are be like flowers for guys and the lost art of cunnilingus is like diamonds to us ladies. Show our nether regions a little love, will ya?

4. Lie to make our parents love you
Life is just so much easier without my father knowing how you really spend your free time…

5. Surprise us
Spontaneity somehow never gets old. But dinner, Netflix and making out in the corner of a frat party does.

6. Actually attempt to read/understand the directions in advance instead of always relying on that “manly wit” of yours.
When you complete a task without breaking something/hurting yourself, you will be rewarded.

7. Cook for us
There’s something about a man in apron that just always gets me going! And seeing how hard you worked, despite the outcome, is something we’ll always appreciate.

8. Make an effort with our friends
They can be your biggest advocate or adversary (both behind your back, of course) so please just try to show them why it is we love you so much.

9. Open a door or two, here and there
Because chivalry can be sexy as hell.

10. Accurately aim into the toilet instead of on the seat for a change
Must we really ask this?!

11. This one’s for you to decide
What do you wish guys would do more often? Sound off below!

    Mel is the social media manager at StyleCaster. She's passionate about puppies, good food and finding the perfect Instagram filter. Some people tell her she has an unhealthy obsession with Chrissy Teigen and Ed Sheeran. But she thinks it's all perfectly normal and fine, thank you very much. Previously, she worked at Mashable, Glamour and Allure magazine.