Wanna Go To Harvard? Just Lie!

How far can lying get you?

Answer: three years at Harvard

It’s a widely accepted fact that many of us do a bit of exaggerating when it comes time to fill out those college applications. Little “white lies”  to make ourselves sound just a bit more (how should I put this?) refined. But 23-year-old former Harvard student, Adam Wheeler, took lying on his college and scholarship apps to a whole new level.

Here’s a list of what people are saying this guy did:

– Falsely claimed to have perfect SAT scores, to have attended MIT and to have prepped at Andover.

– Stole around $45,000 in grants, scholarship and financial aid “under false pretenses.”

– Fabricated recommendations from Harvard professors and a college transcript detailing perfect grades over three years.

– Falsely listed numerous books he had co-authored, lectures he had given, and courses he had taught on his resume.

I find this all hilarious. Mainly because this kid went through nearly three entire school years at Harvard before anyone became at all suspicious. Even one of these lies seems a little ridiculous to just simply get away with—like co-authoring a book. Really? You couldn’t, perhaps, quickly Google if that were true or not, Harvard Admissions People?

This all is insane – on both Wheelers’ part (who thinks he’ll get away with all that?!) and on the part of whoever is responsible for reviewing all these applications in the first place (who lets someone get away with that?). I mean, c’mon – get your act together!

Anyway, I’m curious what fibbing you all managed to get away (or didn’t) on your college apps. Don’t worry – whatever it was, it won’t get you arrested like our pal Adam Wheeler.

Running the Bases, College Style
Running the Bases, College Style
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