Oh My God, It’s OhMiBod

We at CollegeCandy are huge proponents of masturbation. We love it so much we’d shout it from the rooftops… that is if we were willing stop doin’ it and actually climb up to the rooftop.

The topic maybe a bit taboo to many, but it shouldn’t be. Besides the mere pleasure of it all, there are so many wonderful benefits of a little self-stimulation: it helps you sleep, it helps with cramps, it helps your sexy time encounters….

It’s also really, really, REALLY fun.

Especially when you have a fun toy to do it with. Enter OhMiBod, the vibrator that connects with your iPod and pulses to the beat of the music. It’s pretty much the best combo since chocolate and peanut butter, or since Cole Haan teamed up with Nike. We’ve talked about it before, but it just got better.

Yes, the OhMiBod has gone wireless!

Gone are the days when you’re literally attached to your iPod (because no one wants to be tied down). The new Freestyle uses a wireless signal to connect you to your favorite jams in a way you’ve never experienced before.  Rock out (and get your rocks off) with hotties like Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo or old school Backstreet Boys. Or, if you’re feeling saucy, try some Rolling Stones and Metallica. You’ll never listen to music the same way again. And if you’re not sure what music goes best with this gift from Gods, the people at OhMiBod have got you covered. Just buying one of their revolutionary toys gives you access to their specially designed OhMiBod playlists.

But there’s more. And this, my friends, is not for the newbies. Allow me to introduce you to the Club Vibe, a portable little guy that will make going out a lot. more. fun. Basically, you attach this to your pants (or skirt) and it picks up the pulsing of the music in the club (or concert?) and transfers it to….well, you get it. It’s totally discreet, so you can shake your groove thing/get your groove on without anyone knowing.

Honestly, who needs to deal with beer goggles and a walk of shame when you’ve got this?

Masturbation shouldn’t make you squirm (well, squirm in a bad way) – it’s totally natural, totally acceptable and, with these toys, it’s totally awesome. If you’re in the market for somethin’ new, these little guys have the CollegeCandy stamp of approval.

Wanna Win a Justin Bieber Prize Pack?
Wanna Win a Justin Bieber Prize Pack?
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