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I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve sort of been getting bored with most of the clothes in my closet lately.  I tend to keep wearing the same things again and again, while other stuff keeps getting pushed to the back of the closet.  I’d love to get rid of all the stuff I’m not wearing and raid the mall for some new stuff, but I can’t really afford to do that.  But recently, I’ve found a way to get rid of the clothes I don’t want anymore AND get some new stuff at the same time–without having to spend a lot of money, either.

ThredUP is an online clothing exchange that lets you trade the clothes in your closet you don’t wear anymore with clothes other people don’t wear anymore.  Right now, the site’s only set up for shirts, but I’m betting (or at least hoping) that new categories will be added soon.

To start exchanging clothes, you’ll first need to create an account.  Next, start adding items you want to exchange to your online “closet.”  No need to hassle with taking and uploading pictures–all thredUP wants is a good description of the brand, color, size, and, most importantly, the condition of each item of clothing.  The golden rule of thredUP is “send only what you’d be willing to receive,” meaning everything should be new or like new condition (because seriously, no one’s going to want that white top you never wear anymore if it has pit stains, no matter how cute it is).

Once you create your closet, you can set up the preferences for what you’d like to receive.  Choose the category, size, use (work or play), and even the brands you’re looking for.  Once that happens, thredUP will “match” you with clothes from other people’s closets that match your preferences.  Clothes are “matched” based on similar-brands, however: so don’t think you’ll get an Armani shirt in exchange for your Old Navy one.  Once the match is made, you can then choose to claim it, and then make the swap!

In order to exchange clothes, however, you’ll need to order some of thredUP’s postage-paid envelopes.  The envelopes can be purchased in groups  and range in price from $6-$8 each (the more you buy, the less they cost).  If the thought of spending that kind of money makes you cringe (because it does start to add up), think of it this way: you’re getting a brand new (to you) shirt for that much–that’s pretty cheap, even by Target or Walmart standards!

Looks like I’ll be cleaning out my closet this weekend!

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