Campus Couture: Laura, Saint Thomas

[While everyone is fabulous in their own right, we thought we should celebrate the campus fashionistas of the world for their continued excellence in not looking like a hot mess for class. So, we started stalking those girls on campus (like our Parisian pal, Mary) to get a few pics and get some tips on their personal style…. And maybe a restraining order or two.

But it’s worth it to highlight fresh, unique wardrobe choices that show personality and the courage to wear what you believe in. You think you’ve got some major style? Know someone else who’s always looking ferosh? Think the world needs to see what she can do? Send us an email with some photos and she could be the next fashionista celebrated right here.]

The University of Saint Thomas is one of the only campuses in Minnesota where students actually dress up to go to class. Yep, you’ve got it; if you don’t look like you spent at least 30 minutes getting ready people may not move over for you on the sidewalk. People from other colleges hear about this and think it is absolutely bananas that students wouldn’t dare sit in class with an over-sized sweatshirt (especially with these frigid winters!) and opt for a cute mini, tights, and vintage tank instead.  And now that I think about it a bit more (I’m a senior – I’ve gotten so used to it by now) it is kind of ridiculous here; it’s like a personal fashion show every time you walk through the quad.

But that’s how it is, and most students learn to love the pressure to look good.

Now, Laura is only one of the fashion-forward girls on the St.Thomas campus, and she also happens to be one of my favorites. She’s blond, lean and is often mistaken for a Cameron Diaz body double.  After spending four years at St.Thomas, Laura has perfected the casual, clean-cut and vintage street style many girls love.  She nails the most AMAZING finds at thrift markets and often spends entire Saturdays stuck in a Urban Outfitters rack.  I just love how her style is simple, structured, and one-of-a-kind. She found her chestnut leather bag at a thrift market in New York, her amazing leather booties at a Saks 5th Avenue sale and can’t go anywhere without her staple rosary necklace and thick gold wrist-wear, all things that make Laura’s style 100% Laura.

Name: Laura Farbo
Marketing/Spanish Minor

1. Describe your personal style
Eclectic? I don’t leave the house without something black and I love gold accessories. I bring an edgy vibe to a casual outfit. One second I’ll be wearing black pumps and the next I’ll be wearing my Chuck Taylors. However, you will not see me wearing pink. I’ll wear any other color, even salmon.

2. I can’t leave my house without:
My Coach satchel and a spritz of Dior.

3. What is your favorite store to shop at?
Urban Outfitters, hands down. And Len Druskin. Two top favorites of all time.

4. What/who is the biggest influence on your style?
I almost said my Mom. Um. Myself? I don’t really follow trends, I wear what is comfortable to me, my body and my personality.

5. What’s your favorite trend, past or present?
I really love skinny jeans. They’re comfortable. I used to wear bell bottoms until the 12th grade. Skinny jeans just make me feel skinnier and you don’t have all that extra baggage on the bottom, you know what I mean? They’re versatile and they go from day to night in just a change of a shoe!

On Laura:

Top: Martin & Osa
Jacket: Urban Outfitters
Pants: Len Druskin Outlet
Shoes: Saks 5th Avenue
Purse: Coach
Sunglasses: TJ Maxx
Forever Love 21

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Oh My God, It’s OhMiBod
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