Coupled. Date Night!

Ah, Date Night, that savior of sanity for those in long term relationships. As enjoyable as it is to snuggle up in bed/futon/couch with your honey watching Comedy Night Done Right, it gets old after a few weeks (or a few months, depending on how hilarious you find Michael Scott and Jack Donaghy). David and I were starting to itch for some company other than those who work at Dunder Mifflin, so last weekend he planned us a good ol’ fashioned date night. We went to a baseball game, which I haven’t done since I was little. We had great seats, heckled Mets fans, drank $8 beer and ate hot dogs. We did our super obnoxious victory handshake after every time our home team scored, waved at camera men to put us on the big screen and sang a moving rendition of Take Me Out to The Ball Game during the 7th inning stretch. Our team won and we had a blast.

Going out with David to somewhere other than dinner, the movies, the mall really got me thinking (and appreciating) about all the benefits that having a special outing together has for a couple. Date night serves as a reminder that you are more than just roommates or best friends, you are a couple. It’s a throwback to those first few months of gooey eyes, butterflies and the thrill of saying “my boyfriend” out loud. It reaffirms your relationship’s awesomeness and is a great opportunity to have some fun together. Here are some more of the many many reasons why date night is so important.

You See Each Other Through Everyone Else’s Eyes.
It’s so nice to go out and get dressed up for one another. While an MLB game on a muggy night didn’t really provide the opportunity for all out glam, David was surprised and impressed when he got home from work to find me with my hair and makeup done. And it felt great to hear him compliment me, even though I know he prefers my face au natural and my hair not reeking of fried split ends. I also appreciated very much that he wore my favorite shorts- his butt looks perfect in them. Also appreciative of the ass-pants was the pair of 16-year-old girls sitting behind us. Hearing a fit of giggles and dozens of variations of the word cute every time David stood up to cheer made me think “Yea, he’s hot…and he’s all mine.” While I’ve always thought my boyfriend is the hottest thing since that guy who dates Miley Cyrus, it feels pretty good to know other people think so too…and that I’ve got him!

It’s you against the world.
Besides presenting a united front against home wrecking teenagers, date night also lets the two of you function as a couple out in the big scary world. It reaffirms the security and support that you give each other on a daily basis. Date night lets couples operate as partners who have each others’ backs no matter what. Whether its braving the crowds rushing out of a baseball stadium or dually defending yourselves against a bitchy hostess, date night lets you show each other that you’re always there for one another in a very real way.

Relationship Maintenance.
One of the best things about a date is getting to know someone new. Since you already know your boyfriend or girlfriend, date night gives you the opportunity to learn more about each other, to learn what new opinions you’ve formed (or changed your mind on), or to tell each other new stories and ask new questions to find even more to love. A lot can happen in a week, and Friday or Saturday nights out are great way for David and I to reconnect after 5 days of mismatched work schedules. Chatting to each other face to face sometimes reminds us to tell a funny story or joke that we forgot about while we were catching up over cooking/cleaning/watching TV.  Date night takes the focus away from all the other “stuff” going on in your life and puts it on just the two of you, and strengthening your bond.

Re-igniting “The Spark”
Being wooed by one another is one of the biggest reasons why the beginning of a relationship is so great. You both want to put your best foot forward, and you both want to impress each other with your excellent BF/GF skills. Taking the time to plan a date night, spend a few hours showing each other how much you love the other and wrapping it up with a well practiced kiss (or more!) is the ultimate way to say “Hey, I love being your girlfriend. In fact, I love it so damn much that I want to set aside time to think about, talk to and be with you and only you.”

What are your favorite things about date night?

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