From PopEater: Have Famous Women Gotten Off The Hook For Cheating?

‘Today’ show host Matt Lauer is the latest star whose name has been connected to a cheating scandal. The National Enquirer reported last week that Lauer was looking for new digs after separating from his wife of twelve years, Annette Roque, following questionable behavior during the Vancouver Olympics. Last week, the couple denied the story to PEOPLE — “I have never moved out. I am not moving out. There is no truth to that,” Lauer said — but that hasn’t stopped sources from tracking the couple’s every move, including whether Rogue is even wearing her wedding ring. Going forward, Lauer can certainly expect more digging.

Just ask Tiger Woods. Or Jesse James. Or Tiki Barber, who last month announced he and his wife had split after he was caught with 23-year-old former NBC intern Tracy Johnson. Barber, a ‘Today’ contributor and former NFL superstar, left wife Ginny Cha after she confronted him about reports that he was seen canoodling with Johnson, also in Vancouver. Barber moved out of his New York home, leaving Cha eight months pregnant with twins. Johnson also happened to be the couples’ babysitter.

Stories of unfaithful celebrity husbands and the graphic details of their infidelities seem to be spreading faster than oil in the Gulf. But while we hear plenty about the unfaithful — or rumored unfaithful — why is it we never hear much about famous philandering females?

Who are these ladies? Did we let them off easy?
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