The Weekly Wrap-Up: Goodbye Gossip Girl, Hello Summer

Classes are out, exams are over, and I am thrilled to announce that outside my window it is a blissful 78 degrees.  Dearest readers- the summer season is within reach.  With the heat comes a breezy wardrobe, new flings, and a fresh excuse to document all the places you get drunk with those arm-out pictures that crop off half your face.

As you bid adieu to roommates, campus bartenders, and that guy you may or may not have hooked up with last weekend (still waiting for photo evidence), I said goodbye to my favorite Upper East Siders on Gossip Girl (am I saying goodbye to Chuck forever!?) and bawled my eyes out watched in horror as MTV is wrapping up putting The Hills out of it’s misery, one week at a time.

And I know I’m going to be extra cranky as I face three months without Serena’s gravity defying boobs and Miss Blair’s scheming ways.  I feel so abandoned.  What’s that you say?  Retail therapy?  Good thing Victoria’s Secret has a sale!  Also:

-To make room for your new cute things, I suggest you clean out your old tees by making them into stylish and fun bracelets.  You might as well jump-start your reputation as a poolside trendsetter.

-Thinking of transferring schools over the summer?  Have Harvard dreams?  This is how one guy faked his way in.

-If you’re sick of men altogether or thinking of going it alone this season, keep updated on Man Free May.  Think of it as a What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting [Any Action] guide.

-We weigh the pros (there are so many) and the cons of the often complicated relationship we all have with alcohol.

-Turns out being a wino is good for your health!  I propose a toast…

-Start demanding more from your man.  Have something to add to the list?  Leave us a comment!

-For all our graduates: Congratulations!  If you’re feeling a little down about leaving that 10×12 room you’ve called home, we’ve got you covered.  No need to sing the graduation blues alone.

Gossip Cheat Sheet: Lindsay’s Going To Jail, Finally
Gossip Cheat Sheet: Lindsay’s Going To Jail, Finally
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