Saturday Read: Twilight & History

I’m going to say that my Saturday Read for this week has to be one of the most interesting and unique to date. Okay, okay – anything to do with “Twilight” totally screams boy-crazy tweens.  I’ll admit, I’ve read all four of the books. And perhaps I enjoyed them. They are good if you consider what you’re reading and expect entertainment and not a literary masterpiece. But I do agree, they can be a bit juvenile. However, “Twilight & History” is a totally new take on this series that has captivated the entire world and puts a somewhat “intelligent” spin on the books.

Basically, “Twilight & History” delves DEEP into all the history behind the books, featuring short essays by different historians. I’m a history buff and former history major and even I learned a lot from this one. One essay explains why Bella thinks Edward acts so old-fashioned, with a whole comparison to Jane Austen! Another shows how the love triangle between Bella, Edward and Jacob mimics struggles the real Quileute nation had in obtaining their treaty (I don’t think Stephanie Meyer did this on purpose, but it totally fits).

It’s a complete brain-overload of information and nerds (like myself) will just lap this stuff up. Seriously, after reading this book, I think universities should start offering a Twilight history course; the information and potential are absolutely there and enrollment would be through the roof!

My favorite essays are the ones about each Cullen’s family history. They range from discussing Jasper’s experience in the Civil War, to Emmett’s Appalachian Mountain roots and Carlisle’s exposure to Puritan witch-hunts. These essays are beyond interesting and actually show you the depth behind a flighty series like Twilight. The writing is exceptional, as most of these people have an extensive background in history. The mix of essays is also nice; it’s not at all like reading a textbook, because each piece is so unique and offers new information.

If you’re an uber-geek looking for your educational fix now that school has let out, or a doubter of Twilight, look no further than “Twilight & History.” It’s a total nerdy thrill ride and definitely increases your appreciation for the series.

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