Body Blog: Get Off the Plateau

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday I wake up and head to the gym. (OK, so sometimes those Sunday morning workouts don’t happen, but I digress….) Sometimes, I will take a class or meet with a Pilates instructor. Usually, however, I hop onto the elliptical, set my iPOD to F-U-N and set myself up for a 45 minute cardio challenge.

And for the past six months, my workout routine has given me very visible results: smaller thighs, better butt, and all around weight loss.

But recently things seemed to have…well….stopped.

It seems that my body has gotten quite used to the old routine. And while experts call this a “plateau,” I call it just plain crappy. I mean, it’s nearly June, dammit. Time to put on the little tops, short skirts and – gasp – bathing suits. This is not the time for a f**king plateau!

That being said, I did some research on my problem and found that there are some things I can do to get off this fat-teau and get into that itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, black and pink flowered bikini I’ve been having nightmares about for the past 3 weeks.

Weights: Cardio burns calories while you’re doing it, but muscles burn those little suckers all day long and give your metabolism a little kick in the ass. Building muscles also tones those not-so-pretty flabby parts and gets you lookin’ a lot better in summer clothes.

Calories: Just like my body got used to my workouts, it can also get used to the consistent number of calories I consume every day. So, it could help to change it up a little. You know, eat 2,000 calories for a few days and then drop down to 1,600 for a few days. This prevents our bodies from getting too comfortable.

Protein: Yes, salads are a great diet food, but eating only fruits and vegetables can leave you feeling hungry and unsatisfied. Proteins, however, will keep you fuller longer, so you don’t find yourself grazing the candy aisle between classes. Proteins also get your metabolism moving, which is a great bonus.

Healthy Fats: It might sound counter-intuitive, but our bodies need fat to burn fat. That means that you gotta put down the unnatural fat free cheese/yogurt/candy and get some healthy fats into your eating rotation. Natural peanut butter, avocado, olive oil and nuts (natural, not the ones that are covered in chocolate/that delicious candy coating) are great options.

Intensity: The easiest way to get off a plateau is to simply turn your workouts up a notch. Running 3 miles a day? Why not set a goal for 4? Add 10 minutes on the Stairmaster, speed up a bit on the elliptical, or take a long walk outside. Any little addition to your workout will help and build your endurance for future workouts.

Drunks Are Healthier, Happier
Drunks Are Healthier, Happier
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