The Graduation Speech Mashup [VIDEO]

By now most of the college graduations have come and gone. You (former) seniors have already thrown out that overpriced, hot (as in temperature, not sexy factor) gown; hung that tassel from your rear view mirror; and opened all those necessary-but-totally-boring (luggage? WTF?) gifts. And you’ve probably forgotten the important lessons shared with you by your influential speaker. Or you were too blacked out to pay much attention to them in the first place.

Well, don’t worry, my friends-who-are-now-joining-me-in-the-real-world; the Internet has got you covered. Here, in only 4 minutes and from the comfort of your very own bed (which you are undoubtedly lying in, crying, surrounded by the crumbs/shrapnel of depressed eating), is a little mashup of this year’s best graduation speeches. Maybe they’ll motivate you or inspire you. Or maybe they’ll just give you four minutes free of tears, fears and anxiety. Either way, enjoy. And congratulations!

(And for all you undergrads who can still call college home, you can enjoy this too. Along with another few years of college. Lucky bastards.)
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A very big thanks to the Huffington Post for this rad vid.

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