Wardrobe Wish List: Forever21 Sweet Bouquet Ring

If I tallied the amount of money I have spent on clothing over my lifetime I think I would vomit. At this point I probably could’ve saved up enough to buy a car and a house. And my life could really benefit from those two things right about now as I walk my way across the stage and straight onto the unemployment line. (Hey, at least I’ll look good doing it, right?)

The fact that I am willing to throw money at cashiers and skip from the store with my bags in hand doesn’t make me out of the ordinary, especially here in New York City. What does make me weird, however, is that the minute I enter a jewelry store I zip up my purse and resort to window-shopping.

I can’t explain it, but when it comes to accessories I have a hard time justifying the purchase. Which is why I recently fell even more in love (if that was even possible) with Forever21 when I ventured on over to accessorize my dress with a car-payment-size price tag that I purchased for graduation.

I saw the Sweet Bouquet Ring waving at me from across the store and when I read the price tag my jaw dropped to the floor. At $3.80 there’s no way I can’t justify its addition to my ensemble. (Mostly because $3.80 was all I had left after nabbing the dress.) The bundle of flowers accented with tiny butterflies, gold leaves and crystals is so adorably endearing it’s painful (except it’s not since it costs less than a latte).

It’s chunky enough to add toughness to a summer dress, but the pale pinks and creams can also be used to tone down an edgier ensemble with a dash of girly flare.

I am going to let it be the statement accessory with a one shouldered gold-fleck dress, but after I toss that cap into the air I will be wearing it all summer. It will provide a pop of color to a white strapless mini for nights out and work well with an eyelet blazer and dark wash jeans for work. When I find work. Which, I suppose, should be my main focus right now. It’s just so hard to remember that when I’ve got this beauty hanging off my hand….

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