5 Essentials for the Perfect Summer BBQ

Summertime is for tan shoulders, beachy hair, and big, icy umbrella drinks.  And after a day of fun in the sun, who doesn’t want to come home to a backyard barbecue?  We’ve got you covered with all the essentials to blow the guys away as you DIY your way to hamburger heaven.

Roll up those sleeves, girls; here’s everything you need to cook like Giada…or at least look as good as she does while you guess your way through marinades and spices.

1. College Inspired Steak Branding Iron
It’s not a matter of “why” anyone needs their college burned into their meat, but rather a matter of “why not?” I mean, if you can’t show your pride in a big, juicy burger, where can you show it?

2. All-Hands-On-Deck Holders.
Nautical is in this summer, so bring it to the BBQ. This little set is not only adorable, but it’s practical when you’re handling hot plates, and machine washable in case of ketchup snafus. Mom and Rachel Zoe would be proud.

3. BBQ Tool Set
No, you don’t need to adjust your monitor.  These are indeed pink grill tools.  You’ve got everything you need with this set: the flipper, a poker doodle, something with prongs, all packaged in a durable pink case.

4. Weber Smokey Joe Grill
Oh wait, you don’t have a grill?  No problem!  This one’s portable, adorable, and super affordable.  And don’t think you’ll be shelving this one after summer’s over.  Consider all the tailgating use this little grill has to offer.  Two words: investment piece.

5.  FlameDisk
Now, for the best part of all: Gone are the days of wrangling charcoal bags and worrying about setting your hair-sprayed ‘do aflame.  Cook confidently and show the guys who’s not afraid of a little fire with the FlameDisk.  Simply peel off the top, light it, and you’re on your way to Burgerville.

After unpacking and setting all your new barbecue goodies, you’re probably going to be exhausted.  If that’s the case, there’s always BBQ Essential #6: a hottie BBQ master. Invite him over, hand over the frozen hot dogs, and pour yourself a margarita while he gets his grilling on.

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