Senior Files: Moving Back In With the Parents

It’s May 26 and I officially have less than three weeks left in my college career. Most of you are already out of school (how’s that going by the way?), but I have twenty more days left. That means twenty more days to stress about my unplanned future before graduation day.

Like many of you recent grads or soon to be college grads, I do not have a job lined up. In this economy jobs aren’t as flourishing as Lindsay Lohan’s alcohol problem and therefore neither is a recent grad’s income. A lack of income can present a problem when your funds have to be spent on rent and insurance rather than Natty Light and late night fast food. I am included in this fund-deficient category. Sure, I have some cashmonay saved up… but not enough to sustain three months worth of rent in New York City.

So after some debate and inner turmoil, I have decided to move back in with my parents. This is a desperate act and the last option I wanted to choose, but with no job and no income, it wasn’t a choice at all. So back to Mom and Dad’s I go.

It’s going to be a major transition, yes, and probably not the most exciting prospect after having total freedom for 4 years, but maybe it’s not the worst thing, either. I mean, at least you know the bathroom floors are clean, right?

Food & Meals
On your own: In college, cooking for yourself or going to the dining hall doesn’t always mean well-balanced meals. I’ve survived mostly off Easy Mac. I’m ready for a change.
Back home: Home-cooked meals. YUM. So maybe your parents won’t become your live-in chefs but you’ll still probably get more nutritious meals (or nutrition at all!) than you have in a while.

On your own: They can come and go as they please. You can have as much sexy time as you want in your bedroom… in the kitchen…in the living room.
Back home: Flashback to high school when you had to sneak boys into and out of your room. You may be an adult, but you’re still living under 2 other adult’s roof. Two adults who may or may not walk in on you.

On your own: Laundromats are a pain. Mixing up your clothes with the person next to you sucks. And also, who carries endless amounts of quarters with them anyways?
Back home: “Mom, I love you. Can you do my laundry please?”

TV & Internet
On your own: TV and Internet don’t come cheap! All those utilities (electricity, water, etc) are pricey, actually. Just think about how much you spend to indulge in MTV marathons while blasting the A/C.
Back home: Besides navigating through your mom’s Tivoed reruns of Cheers, you basically have it made. Free TV (with ALL the premium channels!) and Internet? Yes please.

On your own: Just passed an exam? Throw a party. Just finished classes? Throw a party. Just want to get hammered on a Wednesday? THROW A RAGER.
Back Home: I doubt Mom and Dad want to see you doing a keg stand in their kitchen. And heading out to party elsewhere? Good luck explaining to your parents what you were doing until 3am on a Tuesday.

Peace & Quiet
On your own: You have all the peace and quiet (and laziness) that you want. You can suffer through your hangovers to endless episodes of 16 and Pregnant without being bothered, sleep until noon because there’s nothing else to do, and worry about all those dishes piling up later. Or never. It doesn’t matter anyway.
Back Home: You may not have to deal with your neighbors playing Rock Band at all hours of the night, but you do have to deal with your parents’ endless monologues about the importance of getting a job and moving out.

Clearly, moving in the the parental units isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, but for all of us unemployed soon-t0-be-grads, it’s our only option. And it’s not such a bad one. Who needs boys and parties when you’ve got free cable and a fully stocked fridge??

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