Celebrating Celebrity “Flaws”: Natural Noses

Every day we’re bombarded with a million different messages about what we are supposed to look like. And tell you what, our not-so-scientific-yet-totally-accurate visual research proves that 99% of girls out there don’t fit the mold. So instead of telling you how to wear your hair, or how much weight to lose, or which one of Heidi Montag’s many surgeries to get, we’re going to celebrate these so-called beauty flaws with beautiful women every single week.

Last week we celebrated the bushy brow. Today, let’s talk about the schnoz.

It seems like every time you go online another celebrity got a nose job due to “a deviated septum.” It’s ridiculous that they expect us to believe that and even more ridiculous that they got it done in the first place. Big noses don’t mean you can’t be a big beauty and today we’re all about the women who embrace what their mama (and papa) gave ’em.

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