Coupled. And Planning our Future

While I’m thoroughly enjoying relaxing for the summer (and working…and studying…but when I picture summer in my mind it’s all sand between my toes and margaritas), I can’t help but find myself a little stressed. Okay, really stressed. It doesn’t help that David is anxious beyond belief and totally nervous about taking his GRE next week. I hate seeing him stressed out like this, but even more, I hate that every time I see him preparing for his post-graduate career I have a minor panic attack thinking about mine.

Since I was little, I’ve loved writing. After I picked up that red crayon to write my first story I’ve been hooked. This led to an easy answer to the increasingly meaningful question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Until recently, I always knew I wanted to write; then last September I had a kick-ass media law teacher and decided to be a lawyer. Unfortunately, I realized I didn’t want a law career for the right reasons, and that writing will always be my true passion and calling.

Which leads me to the question staring me in the face whenever David cracks open a practice test: what the hell am I going to do next year? Once David and I started seriously planning our post-grad careers, it seemed relatively easy. We cross referenced every law-school in the country with the program he wants and started narrowing it down from there. We were worried then about both of us getting in and what the most financially realistic places were. If I decide not to go to grad school at all, David can pretty much choose wherever he wants and I’d have to find a job near wherever that is.

I can hear some of you rolling your eyes right now. Several wise women have told me not to plan any aspect of my future around a man I’m not engaged to (and that topic is another post entirely), but David and I have very similar ideas of where we want to be post-grad (the front-runner now is sunny South Florida, but our minds might change come 95° weather) and what our future looks like (hint: we’re together).  We know that a joint post-grad career is in our immediate future – no matter what – and that the difficulty of making it work will be totally worth the result.

It’s just so hard not knowing where I’ll be this time next year. The prospect of really finishing undergrad seemed so distant until watching my friends graduate made it concrete. I have no idea if I want to keep going to school, or just jump into the world of writing (and hope that maybe the economy has recovered enough by April that I get hired). Until then, I guess I’ll just keep filling out those information request forms and hoping David gets a high enough GRE score to get in wherever he wants.

Is anyone else trying to figure out the post-undergrad future, whether on their own or in combination with their bf? Or, have you figured it out?

It’s Time To Hang Up The Microphone, American Idol
It’s Time To Hang Up The Microphone, American Idol
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