The Know: Cynthia Vincent Makes Our Dreams Come True

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Here’s the cold hard truth: as cute as summer sandals are, the reality is that in most parts of the country, we wear them for a very short time. Even LA, land of the sunny with a chance of Heidi Montag, seems to rock boots more than sandals.

So why waste money that could be put towards margaritas by the pool when you can get shoes that are not only totally adorbs, but look expensive and are made by a hot designer (who normally charges around $200 a pair) all for less than the cost of a nice dinner?

Enter from stage left: Cynthia Vincent shoes for Target. The flats? $24.99. The heels? $29.99. The wedges that look almost like the exact same pair she made for bloomingdales that cost $350? $29.99.

Does it look like a $300 difference? I think not.

Balls. Of. Amazement.
And now you know, so get yourself a pair (or 4) and summer on, my friends, summer on.

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