Duke It Out: Three Date Rule

Keep the clothes on until date 3? Why?

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There are a lot of “rules” about dating – don’t date a friend’s ex, don’t call too soon or you’ll seem needy, don’t date guys named Garret (no? just me?). Probably the most classic rule that I heard when I entered the real world dating pool was “don’t sleep with a guy until the third date.” It’s one of those things that’s been floating around out there forever, and I’ve got to wonder, are we still abiding by this one?

I can see the reasoning behind the three date rule. You don’t want him to see you as just a hook up, so you wait and get to know him a little better before jumping in the sack (or on the kitchen floor, whatever does it for you). Good plan, I’m down with that. Realistically, it’s probably a good idea if you’re actually interested in having a future with the guy that you see if you’re at least able to hang out with him a couple of times without all the fun stuff on the menu – you know, since theoretically you’ll probably spend more time out of bed with him than in it if you end up together. There’s also a certain character factor involved too, because any guy who isn’t willing to go through three dates with you probably isn’t worth your time in the first place, so the three date rule automatically helps you weed out the jerks .

At the same time, though, I kind of think the rule may be a little out-dated. Ok, three dates is not that many, true, but it all sort of stems back to some antiquated ideas about sex – like that girls who want it too soon aren’t the kind of girls men want to be in relationships with, or that sex is just a way to get a man to stick with you. And who are these rule-makers to tell you when you’re ready to have sex? What if you want to wait six dates? Or one? It’s not really any of their business since “they” sure as hell don’t know the situation you’re in.

What do you think ladies? Is the three date rule a great idea? Or just a hold over from less enlightened days? Do you follow the rule or should we just toss that one out the window? Duke it out!

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Coupled. And Planning our Future
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