Single. And Living With Couples

I came home from work today to find two different couples canoodling in my apartment. Not one, but TWO. TWO. Upon discovering the spectacle, I literally walked in the door and then turned around and walked out. I strolled the block for a little while, grabbed a cupcake to calm my nerves and after 30 minutes, returned home in hopes that the couples PDA sesh was over.

It was not.

Look, as glad as I am that I didn’t end up having to endure the awkwardness of living with my guy friend, I think I might actually have it worse. At the moment, both of my roommates have boyfriends who practically live with us and the more I think about it, it would have been way easier to just live with one boy rather than the two boys and two girls I’m currently bunking with. Thankfully this is only a temporary situation (all of our leases change around on June 1st), because I don’t think I could stand it otherwise.

Being single and living with people who are in serious relationships should be one of the levels of hell. Seriously, I am perfectly fine being single, like, 97% of the time. But walking into my own apartment these days just makes me feel left out, and that is starting to get a little old. When I get back from a run and I am all gross and sweaty, I do not want to see boys! When I am in the shower, I REALLY do not want to be yelling directions to help one of the boyfriends find a spatula in our kitchen. I don’t want to worry about walking into or out of a room, fearing that I’ll be interrupting something that, quite frankly, I don’t want to witness. And if I come across one more wet towel that a boy has left on the floor, I might just commit murder.

I mean, where can a single girl get some peace and quiet (to indulge in The Hills with a tube of cookie dough)?!

I have no idea how people can coexist this way and I’m in awe of anyone who’s handled it gracefully in the past. I feel like a third wheel (or fifth wheel) in my own house to the point that it feels like I’m just a guest. Everywhere I go there’s a boyfriend or some reminder of a boyfriend (dirty socks on the couch? Barf) and it’s making me crazy. The worst part? I’m totally outnumbered, so it’s a losing battle. I just have to bite my tongue, hide out in my room and pray that no one’s nekkid when I sneak into the kitchen for a late night snack.

Sigh. June 1st can NOT come soon enough.

How do you do it? Whether you’re the single girl or the coupled half of a roommate pairing with mixed relationship statuses, how do you make it work?

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