What?! Megan Fox Isn’t Hot Enough Anymore?

So I never really knew how to felt about Megan Fox…especially after she made her debut in Michael Bay’s blockbuster hit, “Transformers.” I initially hated her cause she was smackin’ her pillowy lips on my hot (dream) bf Shia LaBeouf. Throughout the movie she basically was eye candy for all the men while all the ladies just rolled our eyes until Shia came on-screen.

But the more I’ve read her interviews, where she really, really speaks her mind and basically doesn’t give a care about anything or anyone in the world, I think I am starting to appreciate her brash honesty, which is refreshing to read in comparison to all the blonde, bimbo-ish Hollywood mannequins that we currently have in the industry.

Ever since it was announced that she was dropped as Shia’s love interest (shocker! I know) from the third Transformers movie, so many people have been wondering whether she was fired (because she called Michael Bay a Nazi during one of her interviews, nice one Fox) or she chose to step down because apparently, Bay really does act like a Nazi on movie sets.

Whichever story is true, we will never know (Hollywood is sneaky like that), but it’s already been announced that Bay has already found Fox’s replacement, Victoria’s Secret model Rosie-Huntington Whitely, whom he worked with while shooting an ad for the lingerie company. Even though I absolutely loved and adored the past two Transformers movies (I know, I’m a nerd like that and plus…another reason for me to be reunited with Shia), I have finally realized that the reason why Michael Bay is still in bizness is because he casts really gorgeous girls whom none of us can ever attain to and plays with cool explosions. Somehow that makes a blockbuster movie, shame.

It’s sad really, that Hollywood and Tinseltown has come down to this. I’m pretty sure Bay wanted Fox to scram after she whined and sounded off to the media about how much she hated working with him. I mean, I would be pretty angry too if I were a director that made someone super, super famous and that person just ended up bashing on me. But whatever the case is, it’s now been established that Michael Bay only casts really pretty girls so he can belittle them on set.

Hollywood is so elite.

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