8 Under $20: Totally Turquoise

Word on the runway is the color for summer is turquoise. Yay! I am more than happy about this fate. Turquoise looks so glamorous with glowing skin and a mojito. And something else I’ve noticed about the color? The exotic hue never looks cheap, not even when you’re loading up on it for under $20.

Although I’m obsessed with this color yum-yum, I barely have any of it in my closet, so this summer is a perfect time to start weeding out the black and letting the turquoise shine.  Here’s a jump start to a closet full of the color of the summer:

This bag is full of chic and sauciness.  I definitely think it is too good of a deal to pass up and not fill is with tampons and lip gloss your own touch of style.

Like Kate Hudson, I love my bohemian. And nothing goes better with it than turquoise. I can’t believe this gorgeous top is under $20. It looks like the cool, airy blouse Ms. Hudson would have picked up at some expensive boutique in Hollywood.

Terry cloth and summer are BFFs like PB and J or Blair and Serena.  And as the sun sinks beyond the horizon and you are chilly and sunburned, this vibrant zip-up will be a perfect fit for the occasion.

Uh, my favorite color and my favorite on-screen boyfriend? Sign. me. up.

Officially obsessed. Can you believe these adorable jeans are only 19.99?! It’s the find of a lifetime! For all of those summer nights out in the town, pair these with a white tee and some coral jewelry and you have yourself a night.

Ok, drum roll please. This dress is…. from Walmart.  OK, one more drum roll… It’s $12.99. Two things I thought I would never say about a to-die-for maxi dress.  It’s also slimming and incredibly comfortable. Perfect for a beach day or happy hour with the besties.

I like the embroidery. I like the turquoise. I like the cut. I like the skinny rope tie. I like imagining myself wearing this at a picnic with my former crush from Rhetoric class, with a bottle of wine and grapes cute pair of studded sandals. Moral of the story? There is nothing not to like.

This casual summer scarf is detailed and spicy. Click on the link and see how intricate the design and tassels are. It really does not look its modest price at $8.80.

Side Note: The color coral mixes with turquoise as harmoniously as Sunny and Cher. Time to get accessorizing!

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