Study Says Our Generation Isn’t Ready for the Real World

Somehow, the girl who always comes stumbling into your 9 a.m. with uncombed hair and smelling of vodka from the night before turns out to be the only one in the class with an A. Other times, the guy who always cuts class or, if he actually manages to show up, winds up falling asleep is the only one in the class who actually managed to get an internship this summer. Basically, in a nutshell, looks may be quite deceiving.

And that is exactly my opinion about this new study by York University that says college grads are unprepared for the workplace. The study names a bunch of qualities and characteristics our generation is supposedly lacking, which might leave us all screwed when it comes to our futures. However, I think researchers are just looking at everything the wrong way.

Study Says: We fail to communicate and listen respectfully
Uh, do researchers have any idea of our obsession with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin? Is this not considered communication? With my friends constantly updating their Facebook statuses letting me in on every detail of their lives, I think it’s safe to say we know how to communicate. If anything, we know how to do so more effectively (there’s nothing clearer than “liking” something) and efficiently (who needs a phone call when you can GChat from the office?). 

Study Says: We aren’t motivated to a finish a task
If there’s one thing we college kids know how to do, it’s complete a task. Those papers don’t write themselves at the last minute, do they? And what about all those times we pulled out that theme party costume at the last second? Or how about our ability to successfully reach intoxication night after night? Or to boot and rally? Is that not finishing what we start?

Study Says: We give little attention to appearance
This has GOT to be a joke. Apparently none of these employers have ever witnessed how long it takes a college girl to get ready to go out. All the tanning, tweezing, plucking, waxing, moisturizing, applying makeup, straightening hair, curling eyelashes etc. is nothing short of exhausting and definitely requires some serious work ethic and dedication. Sure, tube tops and mini-dresses aren’t appropriate for the workplace (well, maybe for some jobs…), but we know how to pull it together when we need to.

We may not be preparing for the real world like generations before us, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t ready to take this world by storm.

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