Speidi Divorce or Just Another Lame Publicity Stunt?

From triple-Ds to divorcees – my, how the mighty have fallen.  In what can only be the lamest publicity stunt in their short marriage (if it were even real in the first place), Spencer and Heidi have decided to call it quits.

Those healing crystals Spencer purchased must have reversed the brainwash job he did on his dearly beloved, because she’s finally spilling all the creepy details of their business deal relationship to her friends.  Cutting ties with friends and family?  Threatening guests with guns?  Signaling aliens? Apparently it’s all par for the course when you’re Speidi.

Now, I’m going to call bullsh*t on all this drama.  When you’ve already gotten your boobs to Ripley’s proportions and your husband is a new age, rape-stache wearing, gun toting maniac, you’ve pretty much shown the world all the cards in your deck of crazy.  Short of throwing Spencer on a judge’s stand for domestic violence, what’s there left for MTV to do?  Feature a massive marital blowout on the Hills’ series finale (people, you know it’s coming) and start spreading rumors of a split, that’s what!

Is a divorce really going to happen?  Possibly.  It would be a relatively neat and tidy finish to the ultimately insane PR move, there’s no denying it.  If both parties were looking for an out that didn’t shatter all the bizarre antics leading up to now, divorce would be it.  Who would blame them?  But then again, look at whom we’re talking about.  Would Spencer and Heidi really want to give up the limelight?  Like, forever?  As in the end of Speidi as we know it? 

I’m not so sure. My guess? They get their People magazine cover (unless Al and Tipper steal their thunder…ruh roh), make a couple hundred thousand telling their “secrets” and reunite to start the fame whoring tour all over again.

Next stop: babies.


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