From PopEater: Of Course Heidi’s Getting a New Show

On ‘The Hills,’ she’s a supporting player. But on her new, as-yet-untitled, show, Jen Bunney will split the spotlight with best friend Heidi Montag, and she promises a raw, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants experience for viewers. Bunney, who has taken on the unofficial role as Montag’s spokeswoman since her pal announced she was leaving husband Spencer Pratt, has given PopEater a quick primer on what to anticipate from their new project.

First off, expect plenty of screen time for the never-boring Pratt. “Of course Spencer will be in the show,” she says. “He is her husband and even though they are separating, he is a part of her life and she’s a part of his. He’ll be an aspect of the show … if he wasn’t, it wouldn’t be realistic.”

Visually, the show won’t be buffered with glossy set-up scenes like ‘The Hills.’ “It will be more like everyday life and totally relatable,” Bunney says. “Sometimes we wont wear make-up, just natural.” Whoa!

Read the rest of the deets on Heidi’s new show right here.

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